"As an Interior Designer, I have been blown away by Jo Hague’s creative talent.  Not only is her raison d’être commendable, but she has worked meticulously with these raw materials to create beautifully composed, textured and aesthetically desirable artwork installations.  Good luck Jo with your on-line project.  I am sure you will grace many homes with your wonderful works of art in the future !”

Jude, London


"I thought I was just ordering my mum a birthday present but what I got was so much more. Taking the time to ring and create that relationship was something I was not expecting but exponentially added to the meaning of the installation and our care and pride for it. As I had mentioned, we fully understood that art and craftsmanship takes time so we were so impressed by how quickly it arrived. I think it is priced extremely reasonably, given the quality of the piece, cost of framing, your time and postage, I think, I would actually have expected to pay more. Visually, it it stunning and finished impeccably. The framing is beautiful and really makes it stand out. Also, the option to change the colour of the frame and have things a bit more personal, whilst I wanted it just how it was, was something I really appreciated as it shows your commitment to your customers’ satisfaction. I found the addition of the samples a very thoughtful touch as it’s nice for us to physically be able to experience it. This is a piece of art that we are very proud to have in our home and we will recommend you highly to everyone who sees it."

Hannah, Lancashire 

"Lovely to see your work which is very inspirational. I spend a lot of time beach cleaning and it is wonderful to see how you are repurposing this waste in such a sensitive yet powerful way."

Dr F.W. Redruth

“When Jo Hague’s impressive installation arrived at our London Design showroom, we were really impressed with the form, attention to detail and tactility of her work.  Jo is a very talented textile designer, with a real eye for aesthetics."  
Deborah Beaumont Interiors  Wimbledon